OFF CAMERA – Volume 2

The photo diary continues. The 80’s into the 90’s. Locally, more tolerance existed now on the upper east side than in SoHo. Globally, the Berlin Wall fell and Photoshop was copywrited in the same year of 1989. Try to remember this last decade of the century, the last one of a milllenium. An unlearned, a hardly collected dream where weight is on a unforseenable future.

Below are 15 web-rendered pages from Volume Two 1985 – 2001. Together with Volume One there are 100 plus ‘photopages’ , montaged from over 500 photos. A selected 50 ‘photopages’ are printed as a bound book on rag paper (13”x19”pages, pigment-based ink) and are numbered in an open edition. Indivdual ‘photopages’ are printed on canvas (13″x19″) in a limited editon of 26, lettered A to Z.

Much of this project was developed through a series of performances, readings and projections. A potential for a unique public installation is always in the works. With the disappearance of print and paper (and an instant replay of history) these “photopages” will evolve into an
“open book” site.




SW corner of World Trade Center 2 Schmidlapp's Battery City Model Apartment red,white, black and blue, a statue of
His dealer proposed, “Take more photos of World Trade Center and start focusing on the Statue of Liberty.” All kinds of marketing strategies popped up for the artist. “Photography is a calling” “Just direct me.”




Xanthippie, Hudson River Piers David Schmidlapp's Slide Shows Contra Crack
The escape from New York. Time to put a sub-lease on life. Debby Harry and the Tom Tom Club CBGB’s – 1987 CONTRA CRACK U.S, CUSTOM HOUSE

90’s ain’t 80’s



downtown New York City Schmidlapp's 1990 dream Clinton and male teenage prostitue
More tolerance is said to exist now in the Upper East Side than in SoHo. EastEuropean labor digging up the streets of NewYork. It cost more now to play than to produce. Run Away and Selling of Self. Again finding shelter on the west side




Big Time Operator, F.L. Schmidlapp David Schmidlapp David Schmidlapp
“Time is a child chasing an old man around town.” While New York has wealth, the weather has New York. The artist believes that art is a necessity, yet here it has become the photographer’s privilege.




Schmidlapp's 1999 Schmidlapp's Summer 2001 Forest Lee Schmidlapp, St. Vincent Hospital, Sept 10, 2001
Native peoples never evolued here; they visited here. Europeans evolved here with their new world order. The homeless were back on the street. There was a new pending non/recession. On Sept 10, father re-entered St. Vincent Hospital for the last time.

“off camera” installation model

Volume One