In 2002 Schmidlapp formed an artistic partnership with biographer Victor Bockris under the name, Bockris-Schmidlapp. Essentially Schmidlapp and Bockris have taken Bockris’s, orginial photographs of legendary meetings between of Andy Warhol and Muhammad Ali; and of Andy Warhol and William Burroughs and re-worked them into what they call photo tapestries. Each tapestry is made up of 24 reworked images measuring up to 90″x48″. Below they are sequenced in a 6 by 4 grid, which are linked to its perspective 2 by 4 grid tripitch component. Bockris-Schmidlapp have also taken the original recorded voices of the legendary Ali-Warhol meeting and have reworked them with the tapestry images into a video montages, titled, AliWarhol. They are presently working on a video from the recorded voices and images of the three Warhol-Burroughs dinners.

Comments and any inquiries on the tapestries, individual images, and videos are welcome.

Andy Warhol visits Muhammed Ali
at the champ’s training camp in Pennslyvania,
Fighter’s Heavens,
August 16, 1977

We were all tired that day. Andy had been out all night.
Fred was out all night. Ali had just flown in from Europe where he had been on a thirteen day publicity tour.
Ali was just beginning to suffer from the brain damage that would ruin his carer.
He was just about to go into the Schafer’s fight. To start with Ali didn’t even want to look at Andy and Andy was taking a lot of pictures of mostly of a profile of Ali talking.
– Victor Bockris

ALI: People said how come you didn’t go the jail — How did you get out of the army?
Because I am truely a minister. I don’t give you this ABC kindergarden kind of stuff.
We live in a world where people want to be mysterified. So Madison Sq. Garden
is full and a million dollars is spent on foolishness. I got the name I drawn the people.
Look, you going to give this little black boy $15,000 for sitting only 30 minutes. Hell,
what is more valuable than me making a prayer somewhere. for no money.

ANDY: Could I have some pictures of you not talking ?


65 Irving Place Restaurant
New York City, February 16, 1980

It was a great pleasure to see Andy Warhol and Williams Burroughs together at the dinner table,
for although they’d met several times in public, they never had the opportunity to converse undisturbed, and I was sure they would both enjoy it. Former Fashion Editor at Women’s Wear Daily and current social observer on the New York scene, Andre Leon Talley, was also present as a guest of Andy, who gave the dinner party.
– Victor Bockris

ANDY: How old were you when you first had sex? Thirteen?
BILL: No. Sixteen.
Victor: Was it a girl or a guy?
BILL: Just boarding school sex.
ANDY: Boarding school. With whom?
BILL; Just the boy in the next bunk.
ANDY: What did he do?
BILL: You sure must know about Los Alamos ranch school.
ANDY: Well, no.
BILL: Where they later made the atomic bomb. Well,
during the war Oppenheimer had gone out there near Stana Fe
for his health and he was staying at a dude ranch and saw the whole place
and said, This is the ideal place. So it seemed so right and appropriate somehow
that I should have gone there.
ANDY: Was the sex like an explosion?


New York City
Thursday October 23, 1980

Miles and I gave a dinner party for William and Andy in Suite 222 at the Chelsea Hotal. The occasion
arose because a crack BBC crew under Nigel Finch and Anthony Wall were making an Arena Documentary about the Chelsea Hotel. Finch had asked me if I could interview either Burroughs or Warhol on camera. “No,” I replied “but what about giving a dinner party for them and film that?” To my surprise everybody agreed.
– Victor Bockris

BILL: We have to be serious. If we all go there and patrol with canes….
ANDY: But muggers can easily pick up canes too.
BILL: We have to be more numerous, more determain.
ANDY:But you might think that the muggers are on your side.
BILL: No, No, No. If every citizen carried a cane there would be no trouble. We could have lovely pitched battles.
ANDY: I would want one with a sword at the end.


Burroughs’ Headquarters on the Bowery,
New York City – March 1, 1980

Of all the dinner parties we had the Jagger dinner held the greatest promise. When Burroughs was asked to contribute to a book marking The Rolling Stone’s 20th anniversary but couldn’t hack it, I suggested we invite Mick Jagger to dinner. The party included Jerry Hall, Liz Derringer, Andy Warhol and Marcia Resnick, who took the majority of photographs in this tapestry. – Victor Bockris

Mick: I heard that there was a purpose to this dinner.
BILL: The purpose of this dinner is very simple. David Dalton is getting together… What is this about Victor?
The twentieth anniversary of the Rolling Stones?
Mick: What? What has been going on for twenty years? They are making this up!
Victor: Bill, maybe we are confusing it with the twentieth anniversary of the Rolling Stone magazine?
Mick: The magazine wasn’t founded twenty years ago nor was the group.
BILL: It seems to be a mistake all around, but I got nothing to do with it. David Dalton, who you must know very well…
Mick: I’ve met him twice.
Andy: David Dalton? He is one of my best friends.
Mick: Couldn’t it be your twentieth anniversay or something,Andy? I mean you’ve been doing something for twenty years.
BILL: The Twentieth Century, I mean Anniversary Issue ummm… which would be devoted to the Rolling Stone music…
Andy: Maybe this is one of those things that’s going to take three or four years to do.
Mick: It’s off to a racing start.