Schmidlapp is assembling a four dvd box set of his film works.

Schmidlapp’s extensive use of light and sequencing image evolved from an early interest in the filmmaking process. As a teenager in the late 60′s, he made reg 8/ super8 films. POST-8MM Hippies, 16mm optically printed film from his early works, is a work in progress. Part of it was the visual element in a collaboration, named Reality of Corn with composer Yoni Niv, which was performed by the Duo Due East 4/20/08 in New York City.
PLAY – Reality of Corn (live projection/performance)
Barbara Schmidlapp


Andre Sykes, Not Quite Love 16mm film loops and shorts become a part of his on-going light shows in the early 80’s. These experiments in images and light also led him to make several short features. “Not Quite Love” (1981) with Walter Steding was a unique voice-over narrative depicting of a young ghetto waif, Andre Sykes, making his way in a hostile world, set in the downtown culture.
PLAY – Not Quite Love (Mudd Club Scene)


In the 90′s Schmidlapp did an award winning film with his father, Big Time Operator. (Black Maria Jury’s Citation, Big Muddy Festival Best Narrative, Williamsburg Film Festival’s Audience Best Experimental.) The film was screened at Slam Dance Festival and broadcast twice on Reel New York, channel13 WNET.
PLAY – Big Time Operator (Theme Song)
F.L. Schmidlapp and David Schmidlapp


Schmidlapp's projects in Celluliod 1 Since the nineties Schmidlapp has collaborated with Steve Staso of Bone Film Productions. He was a director of photography (special effects and B camera being his forte) for several film projects and two features, “Pay Dirt” (1995) and “Situation Room #2″ (2004). Schmidlapp did projections for Staso’s latest, Celluliod 1.


Currently Schmidlapp is working with novelist Stewart Myer in writing a film script based on his novel, “The Heist Broker”, the true story of the daring robbery of Bank America in the World Trade Center in 1998. Much of the story evolves around the twin towers, which Nicky, the main character (who is a maintenance man in the towers and also the heist broker) is in awe of. The film is a story of New York City in the 90’s in that pivotal period — the lofty postures of the Great American Era of power and world prestige about to be shaken to the foundations.
DOWNLOAD – Working Film Treatment of “Heist Broker”