hOlIdAY sAle.OpEn stUdIO

xmAs trEE UncUt

trEE stIll upstate

     most afternoons and evenings
     dEcEmbEr 11 into 20.16        
     646-284-7300 / appointment only

      44 stEwArt AvE
     OnE blOck from jEffErsOn st. stOp on L trAin
     bUshwIck, brOOklYn , nEw yOrk
      15 mIN from UnIOn sq.

Created By

Mo InfO
      An OpEn stUdIO  And  hOlIdAy sAlE
      most afternoon and evening from Dec 11 through 20.16 /
       call 646-284-7300 for an appOIntmEnt

       bElOw ItEms.ImAgEs  lEft OvEr frOm lAst yEArs 

       happy hOlIdAys

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