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1984-1994. 15 volumes in a ten year run. And then in 1996, went on to publish the classic book, Style: Writing from the Underground in association with Stampa Alternativa. IGTimes was the first, the original publication whose main focus was the cultural dimensions of spray painting that emerged from New York City inner-city youth and which evolved as an art form on the city’s subways for nearly two decades. In the beginning the subway was the media. Books and articles tried to define it for a public but the publicity only fed the frenzy of a new culture. After a decade of aerosol onslaught and aesthetic developments in the midst of failed attempts to repress it (by the city) and control it (by the art galleries), its demise on the subways was further anticipated. IGTimes started as an underground zine satirizing the new, hip, downtown affiliates and soon became a forum and a voice for aerosol culture. (Check out the IGTimes interview page in Schmidlapp’s book, Off Camera.)

For nearly five years IGTimes remain the only publication on the scene. By the beginning of the 90′s there were dozens of other zines, videos, aglobalization of the movement, hip hop careers, so- called connoisseurs and the death of the art on NYC subways. And then the internet. Furthering this expansion and radically altering the over all culture. Expanding a tribal level of thought which paralleled a true tower of babel. Access to information is hardly access to knowledge. Media perpetrated as myth. And death to any originality. It would be easy to blame the demise of IGTimes on the internet. However, IGT burned out.

Another decade. And further access to the means of myth and media. Before any ideas of resurrecting IGT, there is a need to clear house.By our last issue (vol. 15) in 1994, back issues were disappearing fast. 100 copies of each issue, a complete set of IGTimes were numbered and offered as a collector’s item. We still have a few dozen of complete sets.

for daily world prices.

(27- 17"x22" broadsheets laid flat in a portfolio case, with a stencile by Riff 170)

There are also a few extras of certain individual issues. Click on the issues below is see their availability and index. They are offered here at half of what they sell on E-bay.