Printed Matter

This Projection Talk on (and with) my new artist book -“ pOsting prAyErs from yEArs pAst” occurred at Printed Matter, NYC – June 3 2016. It was also an opening for a month long display / quasi exhibition of my artist books, IGT zine and other printed matter spanning 5 decades. Walter Steding, played his violin and his tapes live. The whole event’s timeline was documented by various iPhones from my rowdy, noisy crowd. What wasn’t captured though was the live projection where I had 2 projectors – one digital and one analog. I have recreated and composed the documentary footage with the events projected images and divided the 30 min show in three parts.

Part 1: the Past – the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s. Images are from my new artist book “posting prayers from years past”. On the night of this event they were the original 35mm slides. Here they are the same images but now composed as the digital layouts from the new book along with photo pages from past artistsbooks and photo documents of my printed matter in the display case.

Part 2: a Photo Tour of Chelsea’s afforable housing viewed from High Line culminating with “a modest proposal” for a floating prison in the Hudson.

Part 3: Walter Steding Live – The finale. “Time Undivided / part3” A visual barrage. Schmidlapp’s modest proposal for a floating prision in the Hudson. For the captives of capital and culture.